Through Wind and Rain…

It makes sense for me to maintain my residence in Lawrence, KS, while working for Seward County Community College in Liberal, KS, because so much specialty crop production is in the eastern part of the state. But, that means more than a little travel. Fortunately I like to drive.

We all know that Kansas weather is as diverse as its landscapes. Here’s a photo of the Montezuma wind farm during a dust storm:

20160405_195730Yep, that’s dust, not mist, obscuring the turbines on the right…and you can see the sunlight glow on the top of the more-distant “wall” of dust, between the turbines and the sun. “Dust” is a misnomer–it was sand. The residue of the original Dust Bowl, on the move again.

Southwest Kansas’ sandy soil left by the Dust Bowl is excellent soil for vegetable production when irrigated using water-conserving drip irrigation under black plastic mulch. The usually desert-like climate can minimize fungal diseases in many crops.

But it’s not always dry. My next trip followed torrential rainstorms, and the fields were like lakes. This photo only hints at the vast expanses of water that reflected the majestic towers in field after field:


I never get tired of travel because it’s never the same road twice.


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